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My Vision for You

Empowering Your Natural Magic

 It took me a while to get magical. 

  I mean, technically, everything is magical, when you get into it. Even the most undebatable facts about how life works, like the structure of a protein and everything it takes to create it and then let it do what it does, are absolute mind-boggling genius miracles. And that's just one part of the plethora of phenomena that make our lives on Earth possible. 
 But I wasn't psychic-style, "convince your cat to stop hiding in the closet from sixty miles away" magical until like 2013, when I was already thirty-three years old. As the effects of years of practicing meditation and energy healing started to come together in a new way, I was lucky enough to have mentors who could show me how to work with those new abilities. I've noticed that a lot of psychics or intuitives introduce themselves as having had extraordinary gifts for their entire lives, since they were small children. Some also come from generations of gifted healers. I respect the power of that; some of my greatest teachers are that way. 

  Yet I'm proud to be proof that you can start exactly the opposite: I used to be a muggle. Like most people,  I had my childhood intuition dulled out of me by public school and television and our witch-burning, industrial heritage. I wasn't even particularly focused on gaining intuition, I just liked how the more I did energy work, the better my emotional and physical health was getting. But clearing the trapped emotions and patterns was like washing a thickly soot-covered pane of glass: gradually I realized there was a window there, not a wall, and the scenes on the other side became clearer and clearer - and more and more interesting. 

   It started with realizing that my "great ideas" were actually Spirit explaining things to me, and from there moved on to having accurate visions, connecting with spirit guides, having conversations with animals, hearing bodies ask for what they needed even when it was something totally unexpected, and all the rest of the thoroughly unusual things that have become completely normal for me. If my being, which was so wrapped up in a logical, honor-student identity, could learn these things, I'm convinced that everyone else can too.

  The Universe told me early on: Your attraction to intuition is the very evidence that you can be talented with it, because everyone who has an interest in intuition can develop it. The very few humans who don't have a capacity for intuition don't care about it either, which is fine. But if you're reading this, that's probably not your path.  My mission here is to help you learn to touch into and trust what's already been there all this time.

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