About Mandy Zabohne

My Vision for You

Empowering Your Natural Magic

  It took me a while to get magical. 

  I mean, technically, everything is magical, when you get into it. Even the most undebatable facts about how life works, like the structure of a protein and everything it takes to create it and then let it do what it does, are absolute mind-boggling genius miracles. And that's just one part of the plethora of phenomena that make our lives on Earth possible. 
 But I wasn't psychic-style, "convince your cat to stop hiding in the closet from sixty miles away" magical until like 2013, when I was already thirty-three years old. I've noticed that a lot of psychics or intuitives introduce themselves as having had extraordinary gifts for their entire lives, since they were small children. Some also come from generations of gifted healers. I respect the power of that; some of my greatest teachers are that way. 

  Yet I'm proud to be proof that you can start exactly the opposite: I used to be a muggle. Like most people,  I had my childhood intuition dulled out of me by public school and television and our witch-burning, industrial heritage. I wasn't even particularly focused on gaining intuition, I just liked how the more I did energy work, the better my emotional and physical health was getting. But clearing the trapped emotions and patterns was like washing a thickly soot-covered pane of glass: gradually I realized there was a window there, not a wall, and the scenes on the other side became clearer and clearer - and more and more interesting. 

   It started with realizing that my "great ideas" were actually Spirit explaining things to me, and from there moved on to having accurate visions, connecting with spirit guides, having conversations with animals, hearing bodies ask for what they needed even when it was something totally unexpected, and all the rest of the thoroughly unusual things that have become completely normal for me. If my being, which was so wrapped up in a logical, honor-student identity, could learn these things, I'm convinced that everyone else can too.

  The Universe told me early on: Your attraction to intuition is the very evidence that you can be talented with it, because everyone who has an interest in intuition can develop it. The very few humans who don't have a capacity for intuition don't care about it either, which is fine. But if you're reading this, that's probably not your path.  My mission here is to help you learn to touch into and trust what's already been there all this time. 


My Approach

Healing is Always Available

  One philosophy is the foundation for everything I offer: that there is an inexhaustible, divine well of guidance, love and energy present at all times. I find that energy in the Earth, in spirit realms, and in the intricate wisdom of the body itself.

  Healing, in my experience, is mostly a matter of coming into harmony with that energy and welcoming the transformation it brings. 

"Curing is not always possible,
but healing is always available." 

- Ursula Popp, L.Ac., 
Cranio-Sacral Therapy Instructor

My Life

   I'm a second-generation hippie, raised on a little island in the woods with a bunch of artists and only one Canadian TV channel. This is how I ended up so easily amused. 

  After graduating from The Evergreen State College, basically with a degree in protesting, and working in non-profits, I noticed how weird it was that the biggest problem I saw in my community and the world was that our problems were mostly emotional.
There were already technological or traditional solutions to all the challenges we were struggling with. And yet,  brilliant  people pouring their skills and their hearts into good causes, with ideas that made complete sense, kept getting kneecapped by interpersonal drama, depression, burn-out and addiction. I expected friction between people with opposite politics, but the level of friction between people who agreed already was baffling. 

   I realized that we needed the grace to work together just as much as we needed the restoration work itself. Finding ways to access that centeredness led me to Vipassana meditation in 2003, then massage school in 2007, which started this delightful cascade of learning about alignment and wellness that I'm pretty sure will just keep going for the rest of my life. 
   My three biggest passions in life are ecological health, community health and human health, and they seem to need to all happen together. Other than geeking out about emotions, energy and magic, I spend my time researching permaculture, science and sociology, tending my giant garden, and loving the many awesome people in my life. 



In Case You're Curious.

The Evergreen State College,
Olympia, Washington
Bachelor of Arts, 
with focus in Political Economy

Brenneke School of Massage, 
Seattle, Washington
2007-2008 (650hrs)

Therapeutic Training Center,
Seattle, Washington
2010-2014 (256hrs)
Cranio-Sacral Therapy Program
by Ursula Popp, L.Ac. 
2017 (140hrs)
Polarity Therapy Program
by Kate Bromley, LMT, RPE

Continuing Education Workshops in Energy Healing, Trauma Resolution, and Psychology with: 

Jennifer Dawn
Dr. Jessica Rose, D.C.
Kim Lincoln
Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, Ph.D.
Prof. Leticia Nieto, Ph.D. 
Susan Monaco, L.Ac.
Rebekah Harbor, CMT, CZBT
Dr. Gabor Mate, M.D.
Dr. Michael Mithoefer, M.D.
& Annie Mithoefer, B.S.N.
Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT

Dynamic Duality School of Energy Healing
Northwest Vipassana Association
Supreme Science Qi Gong
Source Tantra

And the incomparable, immeasurable teachings and help of unnameable Spirit guides, Mother Nature, Ancestors, Plant Teachers, and 
Ayahuasca, without all of whose help I would not be able to do any of this. 

(Please note that I practice Intuitive Counseling under a minister's license as a Reiki Master. I am not licensed in any mental health profession. I literally hear voices and then tell you what they're saying, so, you know, book your session with that in perspective.)