Intuition & Energy Healing
to Change your Life, Make
You More Psychic, Heal your Wounds, and Have Fun

All Manner
of Magic

 A Unique Experience of Healing

Everything is energy, and energy is everything. 

I help people empower themselves with the insights intuition delivers, and liberate themselves with the magic of energy healing.

As we work together, we can reveal hidden talents and opportunities, uncover the unconscious motivations that drive unwanted, repeating patterns, and ask your body what it needs to truly feel well.

At the same time, we can use energy healing to shift underlying moods, influences, and stuck places, on the most physical to most subtle levels. A livelier, more relaxed, more loving and more genuine life is available to you.


  Each session is a customized combination of intuitive counseling and energetic healing, using my unique background in Reiki, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, spirit guides whose credentials I could not begin to explain, and being a total nerd for all things health and healing. 
  No matter the difficulty of your situation, we'll keep in our sights that your higher self knows how to take your next steps toward joy. 
  Choose from an hour, ninety minute, or two hour session over the phone, Zoom, or your preferred video chat.
  Local clients may schedule here to see me in person on Saturdays at Santosha (Oly Float.)